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Many people assume that because drug companies and medical device manufacturers are required to obtain FDA approval, their products are safe. Unfortunately, in many cases, the products these companies release are actually unsafe and cause harm to hundreds, or even thousands of people. When this happens, drug companies and device manufacturers can be held accountable. The same is true when a corporation causes any harm to many people, including utility-caused fire or continuing to sell defective products, medications or food.

The lawyers at The Dixon Firm are experienced mass tort litigators that understand the complexities of litigating complex, pharmaceutical and medical device cases. Due to the sheer number of individuals involved, drug and device cases often are consolidated into state court coordinated proceedings or federal, multidistrict litigations. Coordination in these cases typically means that all lawsuits filed against a drug or device manufacturer are brought before one judge, in one court. Coordinated proceedings are utilized in these cases to efficiently litigate thousands of people’s cases and to avoid inconsistent rulings if the cases were otherwise litigated in multiple courts.

Our lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of people in mass actions. Our lawyers are also leaders in the field, having obtained prestigious court-appointed leadership positions in these coordinated lawsuits.
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