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Consumer Class Actions

The Firm handles class actions related to defective products, consumer claims and fraud. Deborah Dixon has completed a multi-week federal and state jury trials on class actions, as lead trial counsel, an extremely rare occurrence in class action cases. Notably, she has successfully litigated class action cases against companies like Apple, Sony, Monster and several over-the counter medication companies.
Area of Practice

Mass Actions

Many people assume that because drug companies and medical device manufacturers are required to obtain FDA approval, their products are safe. Unfortunately, in many cases, the products these companies release are shown to be unsafe and cause harm to hundreds, or even thousands of people. When this happens, drug companies and device manufacturers can be held accountable.
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Area of Practice

Employment Matters

Both employers and employees hope there is never a dispute between them, but unfortunately there may be a need to hire a lawyer. The Dixon Firm has conducted employment trainings, and continues to provide advice to both employers and employees to create best practices relating to employment issues.
Area of Practice

Personal Injury

The Firm handles personal injury and wrongful death cases where a person is harmed due to the fault of someone else. Attorneys Allison Worden and Max Halpern are dedicated to protecting the rights of seriously injured people throughout California and have litigated catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases in federal and state court against both individuals and big corporations, obtaining substantial settlements and verdicts on behalf of their clients. The Dixon Firm has helped injury victims in cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall, product defect, medical negligence, wrongful death, sexual assault and more.

Area of Practice

Business Litigation

The lawyers at The Dixon Firm are well-equipped to handle an array of business litigation cases, including contract disputes, disagreements between a business and a person or business to business claims. With years of experience in negotiating and litigating business cases..
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