Daily Journal The Dixon Firm Profile Published

The Daily Journal published a profile on The Dixon Firm

The Daily Journal’s profile article on The Dixon Firm highlights a handful of things about the firm including that it is women owned, it has a culture of seeking the optimal work life balance, and some of the reasoning for pursuing class action cases. Here are a couple quotes from the article:

“People work hard, and they have lives, and they’re human beings. And I shouldn’t have to trade having really talented professionals that work with me – form our staff to our attorneys — because they have families or other obligations.”

“I realized I could make a bigger impact by helping in a class action. I litigated cases against Apple and Ford and Sony, and I could help thousands of people — if not hundreds of thousands of people — who were affected by the same thing that occurred to one of my clients.”

* This article is behind a paywall. A subscription is required to access the full article.

You can read the the full e-edition article over at the Daily Journal.

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